EmJay New Releases!!

First of all, I would like to give a BIG thank you to Magen Jigsaw for releasing these super cute clothes and I’m very appreciative that since I’m a blogger I got them for free! So Magen, again, thank you so very much!

So when I saw these clothes on me, I fell in love. I’ve been longing for cute shorts to wear this summer, and I have a feeling I won’t be taking them off anytime soon. And the tank tops are cute cute CUTE! The colors are adorable, and they’re totally something I’d wear in RL. I got all of the new releases, and I tried my best to show them all, I think
I pictured them all, and if not then I’m sure you’ll see me in them, either in another post or in-world.. LOL!

Also, I recently learned about a store called The Dressing Room, it’s where a bunch of designers take an item (or a few items) and sell them at a waaaaaay discounted price, I got this Tuli skin for 65L! I was excited, this skin like embodies a summer tan perfectly, and I’m pale as can be in RL so I thought this skin was perfect for me! Haha 😀 (Psst Tuli has other great skins as well! Go look and I know you won’t be sorry!)

Also, 2 more things before I get to the details: One, Poetic Colors is having a half-off sale, and I’m not sure how much longer it’s going on so I say go while you have the chance! Two, fri.day is having a HUGE sale! Like epically huger than huge! ALL of their stuff is marked down to either 50L, 75L, or 100L, and some of their items are permanently discounted! That store is my obsession, and I’ve spent over 1,000L there already. The sale runs until the 12th, and they’ll be coming out with new releases while the sale is going on, AND the releases will be at the sale price until the sale is over, so the lag is SO worth it!! 😀

Okay now on to the details, thank you for reading! 🙂


All looks:
Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room LE :: Gina 01
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Shallow Water
Ring: JCNY Athena, ‘ICONCLAST’ Engagement Ring
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Freedom Flops – White
Sim: [Ishi]

First look:
Hair: fri.day – Serena – Moody Brown (Browns pack)

Top: ::EmJay:: Button Tank- Light Pink
Shorts: ::EmJay:: Grey Tartan Knee Shorts

Pose: (p4p) this is NOT comfortable (Store closed, sadface!)

Second look:
Hair: fri.day – Cassidy – Dramatic Red (Reds Pack)
Top: ::EmJay:: Button Tank- Light Grey
Shorts: ::EmJay:: Summer Plaid Long Shorts- Pink
Pose: (p4p) what’s that over there??? (Store closed, sadface!)

Third look:
Hair: fri.day – Leigh – Timid Brown (Browns Pack)
Top: ::EmJay:: Button Tank- Light Blue
Shorts: ::EmJay:: Summer Plaid Long Shorts- Blue
Pose: au soleil. I wish we could open our eyes

Fourth look:
Hair: fri.day – Anna – Delighted Blonde (Blondes pack)
Top: ::EmJay:: Button Tank- Light Yellow
Shorts: ::EmJay:: Tan Tartan Knee Shorts
Pose: porcupine love obviously nothing at all.

Fifth look:
Hair: fri.day – Mandy.2 – Paranoid Black (Blacks pack)
Top: ::EmJay:: Button Tank- Light Green
Shorts: ::EmJay:: Summer Plaid Long Shorts- Green
Pose: Belle Fille– You are the truth

Sixth look:
Hair: fri.day – Cassie – Dramatic Red (Reds pack)
Top: ::EmJay:: Button Tank- Light Grey
Shorts: ::EmJay:: Blue Tartan Knee Shorts
Pose: *OMS* Sophia1


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