My First Kiss Went a Little Like This..

So let me start this post off by saying I am IN LOVE with this skin!! Michi Fhang, the owner of Fhang Candy, gave me and other bloggers the opportunity to review her skins. The one I’m wearing in the clothed pictures (LOL) makes my lips look totally kissable, thus the title of the post! 🙂

Also, my necklace and shoes are available at the Shoe Fair, so if you haven’t been yet goooo!!

This chair is at Real Living for Lazy Sunday for only 75L and has 9 cute sits in it, I put it in the corner of my room and I think it’s gonna stay there for awhile. 🙂

And, I’m in love with this hair. It’s so soft and pretty, and reminds me of the hairstyle Drew Barrymore had in Ever After throughout pretty much the whole movie.

These skins are GORGEOUS!! She let me pick two skins to review, and I love them both!! So again, thank you Michi!

Thank you for reading guys!! Oh and p.s. the outfit I’m wearing is available at the exclusive last call Armidi sale at The Warehouse, it’s on until the 20th so go have a look, there’s some really good stuff there.

And a song for you:

Skin: [FC] Christina M11 and [FC] Aevana Light M2
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 2]
Hair: TRUTH Trinity – Chocolate (Dark Browns pack)
Necklace: [W&B] Love is a Deserter Necklace REDEMPTION
Outfit: Armidi {Gisaci} Cambridge – Aufren White wBlack
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 17: Leaves Black
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Nantucket Spectators – Red
Poses: porcupine love be your babygirl., these lips?, and if i give you sugar. and Real Living Reading Corner sit 6


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