Take It Off! part 2

Ok so here’s part 2 of my skins review posts!

These skins are from iHeart, another new skin and shape store in SL!

This skin store is on one of the Starlust sims, which is where mine and Ade’s store is, so I was more than happy to help out a fellow Starlustian! (and that’s probably not a word, but whatever lol)

The owners, Emmma Soup and Isabelle Tigerauge, were generous enough to give me 26 different skins to review! I loved them ALL, the details are pretty and the makeups are gorgeous! I had a hard time picking which skins I wanted to blog!

And the song, of course, hehe:

Thank you again Emmma and Isabelle! And thank you everyone else for reading this! And please help get the word out about this skin store as well!!

Other details:
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy
Hair: Exile Samara/Whiskey (Platinum Hunt)
Pose: dfo! [free] bored now


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