The Seasons Hunt! Part 1

So I did the Seasons Hunt, and the gifts are freaking adorable!! I’m wearing some of them here, as is my male alt, because well I didn’t want to do this post alone because of some of the poses I got. πŸ˜›

This first one is the bridge from Glitterati. The owner is going to release a different version later with more poses, but this is the freebie version she gave out for the hunt, and I love it! It turns out if you play around with the poses in it, you can fit two people on it without them going through each other! Yay!

The second pose is from Olive Juice. I am in love! It comes with the leaves and 3 poses in it, like I said I’m in love! πŸ˜€

This third one is from a store I’d never heard of before the hunt called Art Dummy, the name makes me giggle! Another adorable pose prop, it comes with 5 poses built in and the pose I’m showing comes with an apple you hold in your hand! How cute is that? πŸ˜€

The fourth one is 2 chairs that I set together because I was bored and wanted a fourth pictureΒ  so ha! Both chairs are cute, the first one is from LISP, another store I’d never heard of, but the chair is so pretty! The other is from Reek, I always love his stuff and this chair is certainly no exception!

Anyways, enough of my babbling, and onto the details! Thank you for reading!

On Sarah:
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 05 [Fair] {Mallory Clowen}
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 2] {Launa Fauna}
Hair: Tiny Bird – Have You Forgotten Rich Brown {Autumn Hykova} **
Top: fri. – Seasons.Sweater (Seasons Hunt Gift!) {Darling Monday} **
Skirt: [ATOMIC] Summertime – Brick {Ivy Graves}
Leggings: This is a Fawn – Knit Leggings [rust] {OMGWTF Barbecue} **
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Parker Knit Boots – Black {Emma Gilmour}
Pose: [*Art Dummy!] apple picking (chair) {Gala Charron} **
Apple: (Worn on hand) [*Art Dummy!] gala’s apple {Gala Charron} **

On Noah:
Skin: *Sacred* Ethan Tone 3 shaved hair {Wavie Haller}
Eyes: Redgrave Venus Blue {Emilia Redgrave}
Hair: Tiny Bird – Black Sheep Boy (1) – Rich Brown {Autumn Hykova} **
T-shirt: Reek – Classic Tee – Pitch Black {Riq Graves}
Sweater: *FIR & MNA* Trevour Cardigan Plum {Rob1977 Moonites}
Scarf: {theosophy} Auldearn Scarf (Oak) {Trace Osterham} **
Jeans: Emery – Denim #4 {serjordan Bonetto}
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Men’s Deck Shoes Fall Plaid {Renee Harvy} **

Poses (All from Seasons Hunt):
GLITTERATI – Bridge {Katey Coppola}
Olive Juice– Leaves you Joyful {IsabellaGrace Baroque}
Reek – Amira Wicker Chair – Fall – Seasons Hunt Gift! {Riq Graves}
LISP – Autumn shades Chair Olive {Pandora Popstar}

**All from the Seasons Hunt!


I Don’t Wanna Be Anything Other Than Me

I really like the song I Don’t Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw, and I was so SO happy when they brought it back as the theme song for my favorite show, One Tree Hill. So, I decided to do a look that I thought kinda fit the feel of the video (which is awesome by the way). And, Glee started showing new episodes last night, so I put on a Gleek t-shirt that I got as a free gift in the in-world group I ❀ The Starlust. Join it if you haven’t already, there are so many talented designers on the Starlust sims.

And I love this song:

Thank you for reading guys! πŸ˜€

Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 06 [Fair]
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Chocolate {Hermanni Laville}
Hair: [ 69 ] ECHO – Dark Chestnut {Kumii Yoshikawa}
Hat: Maitreya Unisex Beanie – Knit Black {Onyx LeShelle}
Shirt: *ES Gleek (Free gift in the I ❀ The Starlust group) {Evangeline Schism}
Shorts: -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts {Julliette Westerburg}
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Parker Knit Boots – Black {Emma Gilmour}
Tights: fri. – Opaque.Stockings (Jade) {Darling Monday}
Poses: *OMS* Everyday Is A Struggle (May subscribo gift) {KelloTaganov GossipGirl}
(p4p) Friggin Migraine (Store closed) {Mai Cisse}
<porcupine love> it’s like oh baby. {Chillatrix GossipGirl}

House: -abode- Mini Sephia – Lake House {Aya Liotta}
Outdoor furniture: All from {what next} Lazy Weekend set {FrankLee Anatra}

Let Me Stay Where the Wind Will Whisper to Me – Hair Fair Part 3

So Atomic came out with a new VIP gift today, it’s 2 awesome long-sleeved shirts that are AMAZING, and an essential for Fall, they look so comfy, don’t you think? πŸ™‚ So activate your Atomic VIP tag and go get them for free while they’re still there!!

Also, I decided I’d do more hair from the Hair Fair. The first one is the other hair I bought from !lamb’s booth, and it’s so close to my hair in RL so I couldn’t resist getting it! It’s so pretty.

The second hair is from, their hairs are ALWAYS amazing and very high quality, and this one is no exception! It’s such a soft sweet style, I’ve worn it many times since I got it, with jeans and with dresses. I love it!

And a song of course:

Love y’all, thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


First look:
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 06 [Fair]
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy
Hair: !lamb. Heart – Snickers (Only available here!)
Ears: [T.P.]– Animalistic Elven Ears-Helix
Glasses: HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses #001
Necklace: *BOOM* GumBall Necklace (fig) UNCOMMON
Top: [ATOMIC] Vital Top_Champagne (September VIP Gift!)
Skirt: [ATOMIC] Summertime – Blush
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Group Gift – White Espadrilles
Poses: dfo! [du4] is narcissistic, self-centered and vain**, GLITTERATI – Long Hair 1, GLITTERATI – Long Hair 9

Second look:
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 04 [Fair]
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Sea
Hair: fri. – Fiona – Thoughtful Brown (Only available here!)
Ears: [T.P.]– Animaistic Elven Ears-Helix
Glasses: HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses #001
Piercing: [Skream! ] Hook’d Piercing
Necklace: Aurora Borealis ~ World Peace Pearl Necklace (Special from last year’s jewelry fair)
Top: [ATOMIC] Vital Top_Smoke
Jeans: [ATOMIC] Ripped Skinny Jeans – Night
Shoes: [PM] Baby T’s – Plain Black
Poses: <porcupine love> extra-flexible semicolon parentheses., au soleil. with or without you, and dfo! [du4] i’m up all night, just thinkin’ about myself**

**Note: Again, these dfo! poses are only available at Designers United 4! Go get them!

My Pain-Filled Drama Queen

So let me start this post off by saying I went and bought my very first LAQ skin today. I know, I know, I’m a bit behind. But hey, better late than never right? Also, these earrings and my eyeliner are form The Dressing Room, and I love them, so go get them while they’re there! They’re both under 100L which is a great deal if you ask me! And, I stole this skirt from rocky’s blog (which is freaking awesome by the way) because I love it and have been looking for a skirt like this for FOREVER!

And a song that I love:

Thank you for reading guys! πŸ™‚


Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 05 [Fair]
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gray 1]
Eyeliner: [ glow ] studio – Pin up eyeliner (TDR)
Hair: fri. – Leigh – Anxious Blond
Earrings: [ glow ] studio – No round Earrings special TDR
Necklace: – .HoD. – The Path To Forgiveness Necklace
Tank top: fri. – Basic Cami (White)
Vest: fri. – Halter Vest (Black)
Skirt: {SMS} Chiffon Skirt Plain Black
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 11: Vines Black
Shoes: [PM] Baby T’s – Plain – Black
Poses: <porcupine love> pains in my chest., au soleil. i never meant to hurt you, Belle Fille– Moving like that, dfo! [du4] only a masochist could ever love such a narcissist**

**Note: This pose is available in a pack of poses at the fourth annual Designers United 4 event, which runs until the 19th, so go get them while you can!!

This Innocence is Brilliant – Hair Fair Part 2

Hi! Time for more Hair Fair goodies! πŸ˜€

So, this first one is from (Dernier Cri), another hair store I’d never heard of! I seriously fail. Anyway, I saw this hair and fell in love. It came with one hair and a HUD to change the color to one of 10 different shades. I’m wearing the darkest shade, but ALL of the shades are beautiful, and I’m considering going back and getting another color!

Also, a side note: This skin is available at ATOMIC for Project Donate, it’s available for 500L until the 19th!

This second hair is from !lamb. It isn’t the only hair I got from there, but I decided to blog this one until I get inspiration to blog the other one I got. πŸ˜› My skin tone looks good with a lot of hair shades, which I’m really happy for, since I change my hair color A LOT in SL!

I also love love LOVE the curls on this hair! They’re pretty, and I like pretty things. πŸ˜€

Lastly, a song:

Thankies for reading! πŸ™‚

First look:
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Unicef
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Taylor – Brown (Only available here!)
Top: [SC] Surf Couture – Artist Cardigan & Golden Leaf Broach
Skirt: [W&B] Drew Mini-Skirt Noir
Poses: <porcupine love> i have no statement. and <porcupine love> it.

Second look:
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Unicef
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Poison Ivy
Hair: !lamb. Mon Cheri – Butter (Only available here!)
Dress: *Linc* Sweaterdress French Rose
Poses: au soleil. i don’t wanna think anymore and au soleil. my heart on the dance floor

Never Alone – Hair Fair Part 1

So even though I’m not an “official” Hair Fair blogger, I’m going to blog it anyway, because in my opinion, the hair I got is too good NOT to blog!!

This first hair is from [Shag], a store I’ve never heard of before Hair Fair, but I’ll definitely be visiting in the near future! It’s gorgeous, and yes it’s big πŸ˜› but I love it! Like I said it’s gorgeous, the texture is amazing, and although the volume on it is pretty big, it doesn’t cover my face too much, which is total win.

The second hair is from Magika. And OH MY GOSH IT’S ADORABLE!!!! I’ve never really bought hair from Magika before, but I saw this one in a friend’s plurk, and I was like :O because of how cute it is!! I loooove the mouth piece, it’s adorable, and so creative!

I will be blogging more hair fair goodies soon, so keep an eye out!

And a song that I am absolutely in love with:

Thank you for reading!! πŸ™‚


First look:
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Honey – Abyss 2
Eyes: Redgrave Venus Blue
Hair: [Shag] Breathe Me – Chestnut (Only available here!)
Dress: *Evie’s Closet* – Nereida – Pearl
Poses: *OMS* Cinder 2, *OMS* Molly2

Second look:
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Honey – Abyss 2
Eyes: Redgrave Venus Blue
Hair:Β  Magika – Audrey (Blonde: Golden) (Only available here!)
Top: [ATOMIC] Love Affair – Lake (Freebie at the Hair Fair!)
Jeans: fri. – Iunno Jeans (Dark Wash) – Skinny
Poses: <porcupine love> hi, be my friend. <porcupine love> make me forget.

Defying Gravity

So once again, I’ve been putting off this post, and I’m sorry! I’m lazy when I’m sick. 😦

Anyways! Onto the post. I loooove both of these looks, so I thought, why not blog them both and show y’all 2 different sides of my style? πŸ˜‰

The first look is more casual and cutesy and casual, like clothes I wear most of the time in SL. I love this !lamb hair, it’s so soft and pretty! And I think it goes perfectly my outfit, I kinda look like a hippie!! Lol

The second look… Oh my gosh, the HAIR!!!! I am in LOVE with it! It’s badass, yet it has a girly twist with the tiara. I had so much fun playing with the different jewel options, and I found pink (which is my favorite color) so I put on this super sexy outfit from Plastik that was their 50L Friday special awhile ago, and voila! Badass with a girly twist, just like the hair. πŸ˜€

And lastly, both of these skins are from Atomic, which as you all know is my absolute favorite skin store!

Oh, and a song, because I love Glee! πŸ˜€

Ok enough of my babbling. Onto the details! Thank you guys for reading! πŸ˜€

First look:
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Morgan_Honey – Stumble
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Chocolate
Hair: !lamb. I’m a romantic – Twix
Headband: Tee*fy Headband Black
Top: [ATOMIC] Spring Fling – Pinky
Shorts: -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts
Shoes: {theosophy} Dowlais Sandal (Cloud)
Poses: *OMS* Kathleen 2 GLITTERATI – Long Hair 4 Olive Juice – Curtsy Cutie

Second look:
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Honey – Crow
Eyes: .:Hermony:. – MP Eyes – Chocolate
Hair: >TRUTH< Jersey Streaked – Night
Top: [Plastik]-Talya-Friay
Skirt: [Plastik]-SimpleMini-Friday
Stockings: :OW: Thigh-Hi Black Fishnets
Shoes: Maitreya Gold Shanti – Hot Pink
Poses: <porcupine love> i’m the best. <porcupine love> never meant to put you down. GLITTERATI – Long Hair 1