The Seasons Hunt! Part 1

So I did the Seasons Hunt, and the gifts are freaking adorable!! I’m wearing some of them here, as is my male alt, because well I didn’t want to do this post alone because of some of the poses I got. 😛

This first one is the bridge from Glitterati. The owner is going to release a different version later with more poses, but this is the freebie version she gave out for the hunt, and I love it! It turns out if you play around with the poses in it, you can fit two people on it without them going through each other! Yay!

The second pose is from Olive Juice. I am in love! It comes with the leaves and 3 poses in it, like I said I’m in love! 😀

This third one is from a store I’d never heard of before the hunt called Art Dummy, the name makes me giggle! Another adorable pose prop, it comes with 5 poses built in and the pose I’m showing comes with an apple you hold in your hand! How cute is that? 😀

The fourth one is 2 chairs that I set together because I was bored and wanted a fourth picture  so ha! Both chairs are cute, the first one is from LISP, another store I’d never heard of, but the chair is so pretty! The other is from Reek, I always love his stuff and this chair is certainly no exception!

Anyways, enough of my babbling, and onto the details! Thank you for reading!

On Sarah:
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 05 [Fair] {Mallory Clowen}
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 2] {Launa Fauna}
Hair: Tiny Bird – Have You Forgotten Rich Brown {Autumn Hykova} **
Top: fri. – Seasons.Sweater (Seasons Hunt Gift!) {Darling Monday} **
Skirt: [ATOMIC] Summertime – Brick {Ivy Graves}
Leggings: This is a Fawn – Knit Leggings [rust] {OMGWTF Barbecue} **
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Parker Knit Boots – Black {Emma Gilmour}
Pose: [*Art Dummy!] apple picking (chair) {Gala Charron} **
Apple: (Worn on hand) [*Art Dummy!] gala’s apple {Gala Charron} **

On Noah:
Skin: *Sacred* Ethan Tone 3 shaved hair {Wavie Haller}
Eyes: Redgrave Venus Blue {Emilia Redgrave}
Hair: Tiny Bird – Black Sheep Boy (1) – Rich Brown {Autumn Hykova} **
T-shirt: Reek – Classic Tee – Pitch Black {Riq Graves}
Sweater: *FIR & MNA* Trevour Cardigan Plum {Rob1977 Moonites}
Scarf: {theosophy} Auldearn Scarf (Oak) {Trace Osterham} **
Jeans: Emery – Denim #4 {serjordan Bonetto}
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Men’s Deck Shoes Fall Plaid {Renee Harvy} **

Poses (All from Seasons Hunt):
GLITTERATI – Bridge {Katey Coppola}
Olive Juice– Leaves you Joyful {IsabellaGrace Baroque}
Reek – Amira Wicker Chair – Fall – Seasons Hunt Gift! {Riq Graves}
LISP – Autumn shades Chair Olive {Pandora Popstar}

**All from the Seasons Hunt!


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