Call My Name and Save Me From the Dark

*Peeks out from various plurks and IMs and texts with her man* Oh hai! I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been busy ^.^

Anyways! Recently, Ade redid our land to make it wintery, so I threw on a cardigan and some boots and walked around outside taking pics (while plurking my guy at the same time :D) and I think they turned out really cute!



I loooove these eyes! They’re free at Poetic Colors for Christmas, I think they’re really pretty! Like I said, they’re free, so I see no reason why you shouldn’t get them!

Thanks for reading guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ *dives back into her plurks, IMs, and texts with her man*

On me:
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl 08 [Fair] {Mallory Cowen}
Eyes: Poetic Colors Christmas Dreams Freebie {Lano Ling}
Lashes: Cheap Makeup Lashes (Verna) 3 {Stella Semaphore}
Hair: [ 69 ] Jessica 02 – Dark Mocha {Kumii Yoshikawa}
Ears: [T.P.]– Animalistic Elven Ears-Helix {Aikea Rieko}
Top: fri. – Layering.Tank – Striped V (Pink) {Darlig Monday}
Cardigan: Reek – Papercut Cardigan – Fall (Old 50L Friday item) {Riq Graves}
Jeans: fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight) (Old hunt gift) {Darling Monday}
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Parker Knit Boots – Black {Emma Gilmour}
Poses: from the Glitterati Long Hair pack {Katey Coppola}

Winter background: Snowy Forest Skybox (Doesn’t say the store name) {Anara Aeon}
House: :: AB :: Amelie Cottage {Clementine Ishtari}


Suddenly I See

After I put this outfit together, I noticed how pretty the colors looked with my room in the house I share with Ade, so I took my pictures in different spots in there, just cutesy poses that I thought went really well with this outfit. ๐Ÿ˜€

I don’t really have much else to say, except I met a guy and I’m REALLY starting to fall for him, so I’m gonna go talk to him some more. Have a great day everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


On me:
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 05 [Fair] {Mallory Cowen}
Eyes: Redgrave Venus Blue {Emilia Redgrave}
Makeup: [ATOMIC] 2.0 Victim Makeup – Alejandro (Eyes) {Ivy Graves}
Hair: Magika – Audrey (Brown: Nougat) {Sabina Gully}
Undershirt: [ATOMIC] Sheer Comfort – Pure White
Cardigan: fri. – Short.Cardi (Blue) {Noemi Monday}
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 11: Vines Black {Sh Oluja}
Shoes: *GF* Bow Strap Shoes ‘Kate’ -fog- {Cerberus Noel}
Poses:*OMS* Molly2 and Daydreamer {KelloTaganov GossipGirl}
<porcupine love> it. and hi, be my friend. {Chillatrix GossipGirl}

House: Molto Bene! Vintage Skybox {Annunziata Macchi}
Furniture: ~La’Licious~ Simply Shabby Bedroom – Snow {Amaliscious Destiny}

I don’t wanna be the girl that has to fill the silence…

This outfit took a LONG time to put together because of the shoes I got. They were the 50L Friday item from Kookie this past Friday, and I got them as a present from my bestie Ade ๐Ÿ™‚ It was an adventure looking through my inventory this weekend for the perfect shade of green to match them with, and I finally remembered that I had this shirt from like forever ago, back when Atomic still had lucky chairs, and I’m in love with this skirt, and hadn’t blogged these tights before, and voila I had my outfit! ๐Ÿ˜€




And this sim is BEAUTIFUL. The end.


Thank you for reading guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

Skin: Curio :GP: Sundust [Light] Breeze-Mauve Mist 1 {Gala Phoenix}
Eyes: Poetic Colors Poison Ivy {Lano Ling}
Hair: fri. – Fiona – Thoughtful Brown {Parvarti Monday}
Hair corsage: tomoto, corsage des fleurs noires {Tomo Wachter}
Lashes: Cheap Makeup Big Pins Lash 7 {Stella Semaphore}
Top: [ATOMIC] I โค Noobs Shoulder Tee_Green (Old lucky board gift, no longer available) {Ivy Graves}
Skirt: {SMS} Chiffon Skirt Plain Black {Irie Campese}
Tights: Nyte’N’Day – Mete Tights (shorter) – Black {Nyte Caligari}
Shoes: ::Kookie:: Vo Pumps / Green Grass {Kookie Lemon}
Poses: Olive Juice – Tea Party Whore and Hair Twirl (Old 50LFriday items) {IsabellaGrace Baroque}
dfo! [beach] i wanted to be sixteen again and [du4] goahead, say it, you love me {Willa Whybrow}
Sim: The Long Forgotten Garden

Gray’s my favorite color, black and white has never been my thing

I don’t have much to say for this post, except I think I found my new favorite outfit! I absolutely love this cardigan from, the fatpack of it is at a permanently discounted price, so I couldn’t resist getting it! I have so many things from that store, and everything is extremely well-made, from their basics to their shoes to their hair! I’m wearing three different things from there, because like I said, the whole store is win.


I couldn’t think of any sims to take pictures in, one of my favorite ones, Butterdish, is closed I think, and I couldn’t think of anywhere else, so I went to a sandbox, went 3,000 meters in the air, rezzed a platform and put a grass texture on it. Then, I looked through my inventory to see if I could find a cute house or skybox, and I found this one that I got a few months ago as a gift from a friend! She doesn’t have a store or anything, she just made it as a gift for people on her friends list, and I was lucky enough to be on that list! This house is so pretty!!




Thankies for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl – 01 [Fair] {Mallory Cowen}
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Gray 1] {Launa Fauna}
Lashes: Cheap Makeup Lashes (Verna) 3 {Stella Semaphore}
Hair: fri. – Anna – Anxious Blond {Parvarti Monday}
Necklace: *~*Illusions*~* Aurelie Teardrop Necklace (from last year’s Jewelry Fair) {Siyu Suen}
Shirt: [ATOMIC] Sheer Comfort_Pink Cotton {Ivy Graves}
Cardigan: fri. – Long.Cardi (Gray) {Noemi Monday}
Jeans: fri. – Low.Rise Jeans (Dark) {Parvarti Monday}
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure Misty Rose {Onyx LeShelle}
Poses: dfo! [thisthat] you always hurt the one you love
Glitterati – Breast Cancer Awareness Singles 7 (Old freebie) Glitterati – Long Hair 5 {Katey Coppola}
<porcupine love> never meant to put you down. {Chillatrix GossipGirl}

Bed: flowey. bed of monsters (Old hunt gift) {Flutter Memel}
House: *a dose of purity* by Sid (A present I got from a friend)

Upcoming Newness, Available at The little BIG Shop Fair!!!

Okay, I have a lot to show you guys, so I’ll try to keep it short, but I’m just so excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

As you know, Ade and I have a store called Belle Fille, and we are in an event called The little BIG shop fair, which officially opens to the public tomorrow!!!

I made two static pose sets and a couples pose (my first one!) and for now they’re only available at the fair. The first one pictured is a set of three ballet-inspired poses, and the second one is random cutesy poses I made. ๐Ÿ˜€


The things that Ade made are so SO cute and amazing. She’s like crazy talented! She got the idea to make a group pose with a Thanksgiving theme with a dysfunctional twist, and she made a couples/friends pose that I think is SO adorable! There is also a dollarbie that is a family pose that she made, and it is equally as cute as all of the other stuff she makes. ๐Ÿ˜€



Last, but not least, is the pose we collaborated with the owner of Slash Me Poses to make! We were both so excited to work with the owner (Claire) because she makes such cute poses, and she had really good ideas!! I think the end result turned out pretty cool! ๐Ÿ™‚



The fair officially opens tomorrow! Don’t forget to check out the other talented stores that are there! ๐Ÿ˜€ Here’s your direct TP to Belle Fille’s booth, which is right next to Slash Me Poses’ booth, and a TP to the landing point! Happy shopping guys! ๐Ÿ˜€


Feel the music
Acting kinda cute
Never Alone
The Dysfunctional Thanksgiving
Peace and Love
Thankful for you

OH!!! One more thing! Read more about The little BIG Shop Fair here!

I can’t seem to make it on my own

It’s Fall! Fall is my favorite season. I do realize it has already been Fall for awhile, but I’m slow and have had a very VERY stressful RL lately, so I wasn’t in the mood for blogging. Anyways! I put this look together, and I love it! In fact, I’ve been running around wearing it for the last 4 or 5 days!

I was searching for a cute Fall-looking sim to take pictures in, since Fall is such a rich season and so full of color, and a friend mentioned Nordari to me, so I went and as soon as everything rezzed and I got a good look at it, my jaw dropped and I thought “Oh my gosh, this is perfect!” It’s so pretty.




If you haven’t been to Oh My Stars Poses, you should go! It’s owned by my very talented friend KelloTaganov GossipGirl, and yesterday she sent out this adorable pose in her subscriber group! It’s free to join, and definitely worth it! She makes such cute poses! This one is a wearable pumpkin, and when you put it on the pose is built in, so you’re kneeling on the ground holding the pumpkin, and it says “Give Thanks” on the front! Totally adorable, so go subscribe now so you can have it!



OH!!! One more thing: Belle Fille, mine and Ade’s pose store, is a part of an upcoming event called The little BIG shop fair! For more info, visit the website! I’m super excited, and Ade and I have almost everything done! ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways, that’s it! I love you guys, and thank you for reading!

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Honey – Stumble {Ivy Graves}
Eyes: Poetic Colors Summer Wheat (Old hunt gift) {Lano Ling}
Makeup: [ATOMIC] 2.0 Victim Makeup – Telephone (Full Face) {Ivy Graves}
Hair: Maitreya Saar – Henna {Onyx LeShelle}
Earrings: [ glow studio ] No Round Earrings TDR Gold (No longer available) {Linka Demina}
Top: **MIS** Sexy Back Halter – Berry (Old group gift; store closed) {Janie Marlowe}
Cardigan: Reek – Papercut Cardigan – Cream – Fifty Linden Friday! {Riq Graves}
Necklace: .+*AA*+. long pearl necklace II *white {aya Huldschinsky}
Jeans: [ATOMIC] Ripped Skinny Jeans – Night {Ivy Graves}
Shoes: fri. – Journey.Boots (Black) {Jolie Monday}
Poses: <porcupine love> baby, i’m a superstar., these lazy bones., and just a little bit. {Chillatrix GossipGirl}
*OMS* Give Thanks (wear me!!) November Gift {KelloTaganov GossipGirl}
Sim: Nordari

You think you’re cooler than me

I decided to do something different with this post and only use one picture and one pose from three different points of view. I also cheated and got on SL Beta to take my pictures because I wanted multiple clothing layers. Otherwise I would not have been able to wear this undershirt, which I’m kind of in love with. ALSO, this makeup is from Atomic, and I LOOOVE it!! It’s so dramatic, and the lips are gorgeous! Each set comes with two different makeups and 3 different wear options. I’m wearing one of them with my favorite Cheap Makeup lashes to enhance it a little more.


And this song is freaking ADDICTING and sooooo catchy!! LOL

Thanks for reading guys! ๐Ÿ˜€

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Honey – Abyss 2 {Ivy Graves}
Eyes: L.Fauna Charm Eyes [Teal 2] {Launa Fauna}
Lashes: Cheap Makeup Lashes (Verna) 3 {Stella Semaphore}
Makeup: [ATOMIC] 2.0 Victim Makeup – Alejandro (Full Face) {Ivy Graves}
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Taylor – Blondes {Asuka Martin}
Undershirt: Dare Designs Secret Garden bustier – black {Dare Munro}
Dress: [Plastik] Infinity Aqua (Old lucky board gift) {Aikeya Rieko}
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 11: Vines Black {Sh Oluja}
Shoes: [PM] Baby T’s Plain Black {Tya Fallingbridge}
Pose: <porcupine love> I do listen. {Chillatrix GossipGirl}