Upcoming Newness, Available at The little BIG Shop Fair!!!

Okay, I have a lot to show you guys, so I’ll try to keep it short, but I’m just so excited! 😀

As you know, Ade and I have a store called Belle Fille, and we are in an event called The little BIG shop fair, which officially opens to the public tomorrow!!!

I made two static pose sets and a couples pose (my first one!) and for now they’re only available at the fair. The first one pictured is a set of three ballet-inspired poses, and the second one is random cutesy poses I made. 😀


The things that Ade made are so SO cute and amazing. She’s like crazy talented! She got the idea to make a group pose with a Thanksgiving theme with a dysfunctional twist, and she made a couples/friends pose that I think is SO adorable! There is also a dollarbie that is a family pose that she made, and it is equally as cute as all of the other stuff she makes. 😀



Last, but not least, is the pose we collaborated with the owner of Slash Me Poses to make! We were both so excited to work with the owner (Claire) because she makes such cute poses, and she had really good ideas!! I think the end result turned out pretty cool! 🙂



The fair officially opens tomorrow! Don’t forget to check out the other talented stores that are there! 😀 Here’s your direct TP to Belle Fille’s booth, which is right next to Slash Me Poses’ booth, and a TP to the landing point! Happy shopping guys! 😀


Feel the music
Acting kinda cute
Never Alone
The Dysfunctional Thanksgiving
Peace and Love
Thankful for you

OH!!! One more thing! Read more about The little BIG Shop Fair here!


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