Lost in Paradise…

Earlier this month Evanescence came out with their new album after a hiatus of 5 years. I heard it and immediately fell in love, especially with the song Lost in Paradise. Then, Truth came out with this GORGEOUS hair that I HAD to have even though after I bought it I had about 3L left, but I regret nothing. Aaaand then, Glam Affair put this skin out for group members. By the way, I highly recommend you join the Glam Affair Updates group. It’s 30L to join and more than worth it because you get high-quality skin gifts such as this one. I dusted off this dress I’ve had for about two years and thought I really looked haunting, almost like a ghost, and paired with these awesome shoes I decided I absolutely had to go to Innsmouth to take pics because it’s one of my favorite sims and it has a really lost, haunted feel to it. In the end I was majorly inspired by everything I’m wearing and by the song Lost in Paradise.

I have nothing left, and all I feel is this cruel wanting…

We’ve been falling for all this time…

And now, I’m lost in paradise.


Skin: -Glam Affair- Amelie Skin - Silent Doll BL {aida Ewing}
Eyes: .ID. Doll Eyes/Fantasy - UltraWhite {Audrey Lamede}
Bloody tears: <porcupine love> bloody tears. {Chillatrix GossipGirl}
Hair: >TRUTH< Lilia - Swedish {Truth Hawks}

Dress and stockings: .: WEiRD DESiGNS :. Bloody Baby Doll Dress (Old freebie)
{Sheena Benelli}
Shoes: [Wishbox] Dark Bridal Maryjanes {Freyr Darkstone}

Poses: Glitterati {Katey Coppola}
Sim: Innsmouth
Windlight setting: [TOR] HORROR - Dullard

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