As we go on, we remember all the times we had together… 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: 15 Favorites!

Aah! After this I won’t have a guideline to blog by until the start of next year! What will I dooooo?? Is it too late to start the alphabet challenge and start with this week’s letter? Anyways, I LOVED the 52 WoCC and how it brought people together who had a common goal! I definitely can’t wait for the next round! Thank you to Luna and the designers and anyone else who made this challenge possible. It’s been so fun.

I don’t like that the pics got cut off. >.< Here’s links to all the posts I picked as my favorites:

Week 52: Orange | Week 50: Mulberry | Week 49: Wenge | Week 47: Khaki | Week 46: Brick Red | Week 42: Chartreuse |
Week 37: Lemon | Week 36: Celadon | Week 31: Denim | Week 28: Pink | Week 24: Eggplant | Week 21: White | Week 19: Umber |
Week 17: Electric Lime |  Week 14: Black










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