Don’t you worry your pretty little mind! 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Round 2, Week 5: Patina

Hi! I’m sick, so I won’t say much except these shoes were a last-minute find and if you want cute, quality shoes at a low price, go to ::Duh!::, and Truth’s hair keeps getting better and better. This one is certainly no exception to that. And, my shadows finally decided to behave because I made my picture size smaller. Yay!

And I am in love with these eyes. I got them at the Seasons Gatcha event which I’m pretty sure ended yesterday (correct me if I’m wrong) but maybe if we’re lucky the owner will put them up for sale soon.

Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ I apologize for my lazy post. Next week’s color is Alice Blue… this should be interesting but that’s why it’s called a challenge! πŸ˜‰

Skin: [PF] Elly <Honey> Baby Doll (ltbrow/freck) {Mochi Milena}
Eyes: .ID. Snowfall Eyes / Blue (From Seasons Gatcha) {Audrey Lamede}
Lipstick: [PF] Elly Juicy Gloss (Petal) {Mochi Milena}
Hair: >TRUTH< Evelyn w/Roots – Oasis {Truth Hawks}

Sweater: fri. – Comfy.Cardi (Dark Teal) {Parvarti Monday}
Tank top: JANE – Turquoise {Janie Marlowe}
Necklace: *GF* Key Necklace (From Jewelry Fair 2009) {Cerberus Noel}
Jeans: [ATOMIC] Ripped Skinny Jeans – Night {Ivy Graves}
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women’s Moccasins – Teal {Renee Harvy}

Poses: <porcupine love< {Chillatrix GossipGirl}



I could really use a wish right now! 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Round 2, Week 4: Iron

This color was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I had my outfit and pics ready days in advance! I love how this outfit is almost a total 180 from last week’s outfit. My style changes a LOT apparently, and I love it. Having one style is boring. πŸ˜›

My shadows decided to be wonky and only show up halfway. :/

Next week’s color is patina. Thank you for reading! πŸ™‚

Skin: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Baby Doll (dkbrow/freck) {mochi Milena}
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / Gray {Audrey Lamede}
Lipstick: [PF] Elly Juicy Gloss (Soft Pink) {Mochi Milena}
Hair: fri. – Yelena.2 – Thoughtful Brown {Parvarti Monday}

Top 1: [Atomic] Lovely Chiffon – Gray {Ivy Graves}
Top 2: [W&B] Cole Boatneck Top – Ivory {Twiggy Whippet}
Headband: Tee*Fy Headband Navy {Azure Electricteeth}
Shorts: fri. – Denim Shorts (Light Wash) {Darling Monday}
Tights: JANE – lil piggies tights.fuzzy.wh eggshell {Janie Marlowe}
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Moxie Coal {Onyx LeShelle}

Poses: Glitterati {Katey Coppola}

Rumor has it I’m the one you’re leaving her for… 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Round 2, Week 3: Electric Indigo

Hiii! I know I’ve said this a lot, but I’m in love with this outfit! This dress is absolutely gorgeous. Shayariel Teardrop’s blog celebrated its three-year bloggiversary on Friday, and to celebrate, many designers were so generous and sent gifts to her blogger group inworld. This dress was one of them! It’s mesh, so you’ll need a mesh-compatible viewer to see it and other mesh items properly. It’s an awesome party dress, and the rest of my outfit came easily after that!

Thank you for reading! Next week’s color is iron. πŸ™‚

Skin: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Baby Doll (ltbrow/freck) {Mochi Milena}
Eyes: .ID. Sparkle Eyes – Brown {Audrey Lamede}
Eye makeup: ~Mynerva~Eyeliner + Shadow – Purple {Rhapzody Wilde}
Lipstick: [PF] Elly Juicy Gloss – Grape {Mochi Milena}
Ears: [T.P]- Animalistic Elven Ears-Helix {Aikeya Reiko}
Hair: >TRUTH< Tegan 2 – Oasis {Truth Hawks}

Dress: *AP* Aurora Dress – Electric Indigo & Black (MESH) {Alice Demonia}
Glasses: HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses #001 {Guu Nishi}
Necklace: *~*Illusions*~* Aurelie Teardrop Necklace (From Jewelry Fair 2009) {Siyu Suen}
Tights: *Sheer* Tights 11: Vines Black {Sh Oluja}
Shoes: Maitreya GOld * Moxie Coal {Onyx LeShelle}

Poses: Glitterati {Katey Coppola}

La la la la la! 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Round 2 Week 2: Coral

I didn’t have to buy a single new thing for this post! Woot! I like the outfit I came up with in the end. πŸ™‚

I dunno what else to say. SO here are the details! And next week’s color is electric indigo!

Skin: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Baby Doll (rdbrow/freck) {Mochi Milena}
Eyes: .ID. Sparkle Eyes – Brown {Audrey Lamede}
Lipstick: [PF] Elly Doll Gloss (Orange) {Mochi Milena}
Hair: Maitreya Saar – Henna {Onyx LeShelle}

Top: [SC] Surf Couture – Down the Shore Tee {Emma Gilmour}
Jewelry: MIEL Uva Set – Group Gift (Subscriber gift) {Mika Nieuport}
Skirt: [ATOMIC] Summertime – Blush {Ivy Graves}
Tights: JANE – lil piggies tights.fuzzy.og copper {Janie Marlowe}
Shoes: ::HH:: Hucci D’Ann Pumps Limited Edition Coral {Eboni Khan}

Pose prop: Glitterati – The Rack {Katey Coppola}

You take my hand and drag me headfirst, fearless!!

“And I don’t know why but with you,
I’d dance in a storm in my best dress, fearless!”

So I’m going to a wedding in SL on Tuesday. I thought this was the perfect occasion to buy a new dress! The bride is a very good friend of mine, so she paid me money to buy a new dress, which I fully plan on paying her back as soon as I can.

Anyway! I think this dress is gorgeous, and after shortening the skirt (which took me about an hour… prim by prim… 78 total!), I hopped from sim to sim looking for an awesome place to take pics to show it off. Then I plurked about it, asking for a good sim to go to, and I got the suggestion to go to Oubliette, the sim that the store Evie’s Closet is on. It was PERFECT! I took my pics which took longer than I would have liked… it turns out high graphics plus public place = no bueno for my laptop. BUT! I got them done, and I really like the way I look and stuff. πŸ™‚

I love this dress and sim and everything else I’m wearing. K bye! πŸ˜›

Skin: [PF] Elly – <Honey> Baby Doll (dkbrow/freck) {Mochi Milena}
Eyes: .ID. Sparkle Eyes – Brown {Audrey Lamede}
Lipstick: [PF] Elly Juicy Gloss (Petal) {Mochi Milena}
Eye makeup: *BOOM* Flatter My Eyes (Pink) {Mochi Milena}
Hair: >TRUTH< Diana – Java {Truth Hawks}

Dress: ~*~Sharodie’s~*~ La Rose Gown {Sharodie Nightfire}
Jewelry: [PM] Group Gift Pearls (Old subscriber gift) {Tya Fallingbridge}
Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps – Pink Flowers {Mikee Mokeev}

Poses: <porcupine love> {Chillatrix GossipGirl}


Wouldn’t wanna be anybody else! 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Round two, week one: Champagne

Yaaaaay the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is back for another round! And, Ade is back from a blogging hiatus! Woot! She had the idea to do this round of the challenge together, and when she brought it up to me I agreed right away. So anyway! Ade blogged these same pictures here, and she gave me the pics so I could blog it here too. πŸ™‚

In her words: “When all else fails, use the pose that was made for you!” She made this pose just for her and me haha

Next week’s color is coral! πŸ™‚

On Ade:

Skin: LAQ ~ Olivia [Nougat] 03 {Mallory Cowen}
Eyes: eyes by LL – bright – carribean sea {Lano Ling}
Eyebrows: LAQ ~ [Nougat] Alva Black {Mallory Cowen}
Eyeshadow: LAQ ~ Eye makeup 01b {Mallory Cowen}
hair:.:vive9:. Bruna in Waldorf Β {Sanya Bilavio}
Tattoo: <porcupine love> true love stories never have endings {Chillatrix GossipGirl}

Dress & Belt: Maitreya Nolita Dress * Champagne (mesh) {Onyx LeShelle}
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure Black {Onyx LeShelle}

PSingle pose: Glitterati – Long Hair 6 {Katey Coppola}

On Sarah:

Skin: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Baby Doll (dkbrow/freck) {Mochi Milena}
Eyes: .ID. Sparkle Eyes – Brown {Audrey Lamede}
Lipstick: [PF] Elly Juicy Gloss (Cantaloupe) {Mochi Milena}
Hair: >TRUTH< Abigail – Sandlewood {Truth Hawks}

Top: [ATOMIC] Vital Top_Champagne (Old VIP gift) {Ivy Graves}
Necklace: .+*AA*+. long pearl necklace II *white {aya Huldschinsky}
Skirt: {mon tissu} Highland Skirt – Beige {Elie Spot}
Socks: Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * Cream {Onyx LeShelle}
Boots: [e] Secret Boots – Molasses {Elikapeka Tiramisu}

Pose: Glitterati – 078 {Katey Coppola}

Friends pose:Β Belle Fille – two worlds collide (Store closed) {Adelayda GossipGirl}