KIKI No. 18 at Fantasy Faire 2012

KIKI No. 18 has a few great donation items out! The green “cat” avatar in the picture below, and the Ace of Spades full avatar. I’m also showing other items which I think are equally great.

Each cat avatar comes with three different hairs in colors to match the avi itself. They also come with everything you see on me, versions of the hands and feet without the nails, scripted and unscripted versions of the tails, two different heads, two versions of whiskers, an emote HUD, and a shape for both males and females. There is an extra hair pack available for the cat avatars.

As for the Ace of Hearts avatar, it comes with skin, shape, hair, dress, shoes, and holdable items, as does the Ace of Spades donation item.

The green “cat” avatar is 850L and if you’re looking for something a little quirky, a little strange, and totally adorable, I say pick it up! It comes with everything the other cat avatars come with, and feelers. It’s for a great cause! The price to donate for the Ace of Spades avatar is 360L, and again, it’s totally worth it.

Here’s a direct landmark to KIKI No. 18’s booth at the Fantasy Faire! Stop by when you get a chance. 🙂

Other credits:

Lingerie: *BOOM* Comfy Womfy Lignerie – Barbie {Aranel Ah}
Poses: Exposeur at Pose Fair 2012


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