But I am closer to the clouds up here. 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Round 2, Playing Catch-up!

Heyyy! I was on a RL vacation so I couldn’t do my posts for weeks 31 and 32. I’m back though, sooo I’m kinda jumbling the latest three weeks in one post! Enjoy. 😀

Wales: I dunno why but I wanted kind of an exotic, fallen angel look with this one. I think I pulled it off.

Jonquil: Shh I know this dress is mostly white. BUT it kinda has the color name in the name of the dress, and the edges are the right color. I think it’s pretty!

Tyrian Purple: This week’s color! I was going a completely direction with this outfit until I remembered this dress I had from like… three years ago? I think it’s sexy in its own way, and it gives me an air of mystery.

And with that, I’m caught up! My upcoming posts will more than likely be posted on time, so yay for that! I enjoyed my vacation but I’m glad to be back to blogging! Anyway, next week’s color is Russett. Have a great week everyone! 🙂


Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Light – 12 D {aida Ewing}
Eyes: FATEeyes v2.0 {Damien Fate}
Eyelashes: Cheap Makeup Lashes (Verna) 3 {Stella Semaphore}
Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) {Siddean Munro}
Hair: >TRUTH< Kaelyn 2 Streaked – Espresso {Truth Hawks}

Outfit: :[P]: Valerian-Pastel Green {Aikea Rieko}
Wings: Sn@tch Death Angel Wings {Ivey Deschanel}
Shoes: Slink Ilena Sandals White {Siddean Munro}

Pose: Glitterati – Water 5 {Katey Coppola}


Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Smoked (LB) {Crushed Clarity}
Eyes: .ID. Sparkle Eyes/HiContrast – Gold {Audrey Lamede}
Freckles: [Ill] Illusory_Freckles – Milk {Crushed Clarity}
Lipstick: [Ill] Illusory – Love Lips – Passion Pink {Crushed Clarity}
Hair: >TRUTH< Hailey – Oasis {Truth Hawks}

Dress: [W&B] DU4 Jonquila Dress (Old Designers United item) {Dakota Buck}
Shoes: *GF* Gift :: Strap Shoes “Alex” -patent:yellow(Tstrap)- {Cerberus Noel}
Hair Flowers: >TRUTH< Leilani Flowers – Yellow {Truth Hawks}

Pose: Glitterati – Long Hair 009 {Katey Coppola}

Tyrian Purple:

Skin: Glam Affair- Mia Natural 06 (CHIC2 Exclusive) {aida Ewing}
Eyes: FATEeyes v2.0 {Damien Fate}
Eye makeup: *BOOM* Eyedust Purple {Aranel Ah}
Hair: ::Exile:: Silent Wings:Sunset {Kavar Cleanslate}

Dress and collar: BINA “Youngblood” Kilt (Purple) (Old lucky board item) {Cymoril Lightfoot}
Necklace: *~*Illusions*~* Aurelie Teardrop Necklace {Siyu Suen}

Pose: Glitterati – Long Hair 1 {Katey Coppola}





6 thoughts on “But I am closer to the clouds up here. 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Round 2, Playing Catch-up!

  1. oooh they are all realy super!!! love each picture very much. Glad you enjoy blogging so much

  2. Mayala Loon says:

    the Tyrian Purple pic is my fav one … love this kinda wild look 😉

  3. Great post, love them all especially jonquil.

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