This House is Not a Home … It’s MY home!!

Hi y’all! I recently bought my own parcel of land, which is the first land I’ve ever owned on my own. I’ve been pretty dang excited about it! I spent the weekend and part of yesterday buying things and getting my land set up, and I thought I would share everything with you all. My house really feels like a home, and I feel like the small details add as much to it as the big pieces do.

House 2013 1_001
House: {what next} Laurel Cottage

House 2013 2_001

Chairs and decor: {what next} Serendipity Garden Porch Set (Comes with chairs, table, tea tray, knitting basket, and fire pit)
Potted plant: {what next} Serendipity Garden Planter #2 (Comes included in a set of three with garden signs)

House 2013 11_001

Bench and decor: {what next} Serendipity Garden Loveseat, Table & Decor (Comes with loveseat, table, plant, and wine bottle & glasses with strawberries)
Easel and stool: LISP – Mesh – Paint me a Picture Set

House 2013 3_001
Furniture and decor: {what next} Laurel Hallway Set (Comes with bench, coat hanger, artwork, and decorative boots)

House 2013 4_001

Couch: LISP – Anna Sofa
Chairs: LISP – Anna Chairs (Comes with two chairs; one with attached footstool and one with a separate footstool)
Coffee table: {what next} Charlotte Coffee Table **
Decor on table: {what next} Laurel Cottage Tulips (Comes included in the Laurel Cottage Breakfast Room set) and {what next} Coastal Cottage Books #2 (Comes included in the Coastal Cottage Coffee Table set)
End table: {what enxt} Charlotte End Table **
Decor on end table: MudHoney Lyrical Lamp, {what next} Books for boat bookcase (Comes included in the {what next} Coastal Cottage Boat Bookcase & Decor), and {what next} Chocoholic Mugs (Comes included in {what next} Chocoholic’s Set)
Lilies: {what next} Charlotte Lilies **

** Come included in the Charlotte Living Room Set

Left wall: LISP Chloe Print
Wall over fireplace: LISP Margot Prints
Right wall: LISP Sewing Day Prints

Decor over fireplace: {what next} Vanilla Candle in Jar and {what next} Coastal Cottage Bottles (Come included in Coastal Cottage Living Room}

House 2013 5_001
Piano and decor: LISP – Grand Piano (Mahogany) and red wine glass, red roses, and candle with rose petals (Comes with other colors of piano, bench, and decor)

House 2013 6_001

Table: {what next} Laurel Cottage Console Table (updated) (Comes in the Laurel Cottage Dining Room Set)
Decor on table: {what next} Set of 4 Candles in Jars and {what next} Coastal book stack (Comes included in Coastal Cottage Boat Bookcase & Decor}
Artwork on far wall: {what next} Anouk Picture Frames

House 2013 7_001

Desk, chair, and decor: {what next} The Blogger’s Office – Ciel (Comes with desk, chair, laptop, row of books, lamp, pencil holder, notepads, coffee cup, bookshelf, house plant, file box, rug, notice board, and ‘write’ wall decor)
Shelf and art: {what next} Ciel Art Shelf (Comes included in the Ciel Living Room Set)
Sofa: LISP Anna Sofa
Coffee table: {what next} Charlotte Coffee Table

House 2013 8_001

Chair: {what next} Blogger’s Chair
Wall art: {what next} October Shadow Box and November Shadow Box, and {what next} Raven Wall Decor

House 2013 9_001

Bedroom set: {what next} Laurel bedroom Set (Comes with bed, bedside table, lamp, white teacup candle, blanket box, stack of books, drapes, breakfast tray, and decorative slippers)
Table: {what next} Laurel Console Table
Colored teacup candles: [*Art Dummy!] Teacup Candles
Wall art: {what next} Charlotte Large Prints (Set C)
Bench: The Loft – Suede Storage Bench
Tray: The Loft – Tea Tray
Chair: Trompe Loeil – Club Chair Corduroy Black

House 2013 10_001

Chair and table set: {what next} Jardin d’amour Set (Green)
Blanket and pillows: LISP – Zingy Bright Rug and LISP – Reading Cushions for 2

Credit goes to Winter Thorn of {what next}, Pandora Popstar of LISP, Gala Charron of [*Art Dummy!], Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft, Ravyn Hines of MudHoney, and Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil for creating the things that went into my house, and to my best friend Adelayda because she helped me and put up with my crazy perfectionism and helped me put the finishing touches on my house, and helping me make it into a home. ❤



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