Plastik RFL Items at Fantasy Faire 2013

Hey y’all! I have more stuff to show y’all. This time I’m showing just a very small sampling of what The Plastik has available. There will be another post soon, but I wanted to do a separate post showcasing the Relay for Life donation items from there. Plastik is one of my longtime favorite stores because of the quality and attention to detail each item I have from there has, even the things I have from there that were made in 2009! These things are certainly no exception. I’m showing the Vandariel Armor in Magic and Magicka, and the Arkasia Mermaid Skin in Electre.

The Arkasia Mermaid Skins each come with all kinds of different skin options, makeups, and facial tattoos so you can customize it however you like. It’s a great deal for L$1,099 if you ask me, and each Linden donated goes towards Relay for Life.

As for the Vandariel Armor, it’s a mesh armor that comes in 5 standard sizes, flexi skirt with a HUD to change the color, and a HUD to change the gems on the armor itself. Each one is L$799, and again, I think it’s worth it!

Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik RFL 2  Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik RFL 1
Plastik is located on Evensong Woods. I’ll have another post coming up soon featuring Plastik items, so stay tuned!


Hair: >TRUTH< Laurie w/Roots – Snow {Truth Hawks}
Feet: Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) {Siddean Munro}

Poses: !Musa! Fantasy Poses {Filomena Quinnell} (Located at Magnificat at Fantasy Faire 2013)


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