The Plastik: The Draziira Skins at Fantasy Faire 2013

Hi guys! I have MORE awesome stuff from The Plastik at The Fantasy Faire to show you! This time, I’m showing the stunning Draziira Fantasy Skins.

Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 1   Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 2  Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 3  Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 4
 Each skin comes with different body AND facial tattoos, different eyes, demon fades, two different elf ear designs, and a version without any markings.

Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 17  Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 15  Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 16  Fantasy Faire 2013 Plastik 18
I’m not normally a wearer of fantasy skins, but I have to say I may have to start wearing them more often! These are just gorgeous. The Plastik is located on Evensong Woods at Fantasy Faire 2013. The Faire has been extended an extra day, so stop by while you still have a chance!


Hair: >TRUTH< Laurie w/Roots – Snow {Truth Hawks}
Poses: Glitterati {Katey Coppola}


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