I am just a copy of a copy of a copy… {What’s your Digits? – Take 4: The Fitted Mesh Revolution}

…I thought the title fit. 😉 Because I’m pretty sure there are a lot of avis out there who are short and pale like me… haha! Anyway, I forgot to do the What’s Your Digits? challenge last year, but my shape hasn’t really changed much. I have…well I don’t even know how many copies of my shape for the various mesh items I have! LOL. It’s kind of an obsession. My original shape, however, has barely changed over the last few years. I’ve gotten even shorter, if such a thing were possible, and a little skinnier, but that’s about it. I don’t foresee myself changing my shape too much in the near future.

Digits 2014_001

1. What are your thoughts about Fitted mesh? I haven’t actually tried it, so I can’t attest to how it works for me. However, I have seen a few fitted mesh clothing items that I would like to try, so maybe I’ll do that and post an update with my own review of it. I think it could play a huge part in the continuing revolution that is Second Life.

2. Have you tried any of the new fitted mesh avatars released by Linden Lab? What do you think of them? I haven’t tried them for myself yet, but I like what I’ve seen from other people so far!

3. Have you tried any fitted mesh avatars/bodies created by residents? No, I haven’t. I’ve heard both good and bad things about the WowMeh body, but I won’t know for sure whether I’ll like it or not until I try it myself and know I can make it work, that is if I decide I want to try it. I might just try the one Slink is releasing, though! I love Slink. Siddean Munro makes amazing things.

4. Have you tried a mesh head? What are your thoughts about mesh heads? Nope, and I probably won’t unless they become fully customizable. I like my face too much! No, scratch that, I love my face. I think mesh heads are a really good idea, and the ones I’ve seen are executed flawlessly. I just don’t want my avatar to look like everyone else.

5. Do you foresee a lot of changes to our current Second Life avatars because of fitted mesh? Our avatars have already changed, what with regular mesh clothing and body parts being released already. We’ve grown accustomed to them, and I see us adjusting to fitted mesh as well.

Here’s the link to Berry’s Digits meme if you’d like to participate too!

Height 35
Body Fat 0
Head size 50
Torso Muscle 35
Breasts 50
Arm length 65
Hand size 10
Torso length 45
Love Handles 31
Belly Size 0
Leg Muscle 45
Leg length 35
Hip width 58
Butt Size 25
Saddle Bags 25

[17:14] [OO] Avatar ruler 1.3: SarahBear18 GossipGirl, your avatar’s height is 175 cm (5′ 9″) counting your shoes.


Shape: Personal
Skin: -Glam Affair – Livy Skin- Artic – 10 (Exclusively at The Arcade) {aida Ewing}
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Optimism {Ikon Innovia}
Eyelashes: MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – BLACK {Maxi Gossamer}
Eyeliner: L.Fauna – Simple Smokey {Launa Fauna}
Beauty mark: {: luju :} beauty mark (Old group gift) {Luna Jubilee}
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual {Siddean Munro}
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Flat Feet Female {Siddean Munro}
Hair: >TRUTH< Nyx – Marmalade {Truth Hawks}
Nail polish: *MC* (Mon Cheri) Slink Avatar Enhancement Nails – Lovely Solids Set {Freya Olivieri}


Undies: *MC* (Mon Cheri) Floral Lace/Salmon Set (Old subscriber gift) {Freya Olivieri}
Glasses: HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses #001 {Guu Nishi}

Pose: !bang – stand 388M {Luna Jubilee}


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